Land Charges searches

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3. How much does it cost to submit a Land Charges search?

Please ensure each search is accompanied by the correct fee and a clear plan defining the boundary of the property/land. 

LLC1 Search only £10.00
CON 29R form only £100.80
LLC1 and CON 29R submitted together £100.00
Individual CON29O questions (per question) £9.60
Each additional enquiry £12.00
Additional parcel of land £12.00

All fees include VAT. Please also view the full list of land charges fees including individual CON29 and CON 29O questions together with the VAT breakdown.


Photocopying fees per sheet. Post and packing is £1.50 up to 100g in weight.

A4  £0.50
A3 £1.00
A2 £3.00
A1 £5.00
A0 £7.00