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5. Core Strategy Issues and Alternatives

A consultation was held to consider the Issues and Alternative Options stage of the Teignbridge Core Strategy (now referred to as the Local Plan) from June until September 2010. This page contains the consultation document, verbatim responses and a summary of those responses.  Other documents  were used to assess the environmental and health impacts of the Plan. 

Documents produced

Teignbridge Core Strategy Issues & Alternative Options Report (2010)

Complete schedule of the Issues and Option Consultation Responses

Summary of Issues and Options Responses

Issues and Options – Changes arising

Impact assessments

The following assessments were undertaken to understand the implications of the Plan on the environment and health.  These are part of the refinement process for developing ideas and policies in the next stage of Plan production.

Core Strategy Issues and Options Rapid Health Impact Assessment

Draft Habitat Regulations Assessment of Issues and Alternative Options Plan

Core Strategy Issues and Alternative Options – Sustainability Assessment Review Note