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4. Core Strategy Preferred Options - Spring 2012

A comprehensive consultation was held for the Preferred Options stage of the Teignbridge Core Strategy (now referred to as the Local Plan) from 9 January until 2 March 2012. This page contains the consultation documents, verbatim responses and a summary of those responses. There are also other documents that were used to assess the environmental and health impacts of the Plan.

We have also produced a summary of the Key Features of Plan Teignbridge.

Your area at a glance

We produced some quick guides which sum up the most important information.

Houghton Barton and Bradley Barton, Newton Abbot Milber, Newton Abbot
Town Centre, Newton Abbot Whitehill, Newton Abbot
Wolborough, Newton Abbot Kingsteignton
Kingskerswell South West of Exeter
Dawlish Teignmouth
Bovey Tracey Chudleigh

Summary and verbatim responses

General Introduction

Strategic Polices

S1-S13, S23 and S24 villages
countryside Prosperous Economy
Wellbeing - Housing Quality Environment
Wellbeing - Infrastructure  


Newton Abbot Kingsteignton
Kingskerswell Edge of Exeter
Dawlish Teignmouth
Bovey Tracey Chudleigh

Other - General Comments and Modified & Alternative Sites

Strategic Polices

S1 Sustainable Development S2 Quality Development
S3 Land for Business S4 land for New Homes
S5 Infrastructure S6 Resilience
S7 Carbon emission targets S8 Self containment
S9 Sustainable transport S10 Transport Networks
S11 Pollution S12 Tourism
S13 Town Centres S23 Neighbourhood Plans
S24 Monitoring  

Strategic Place Polices

S14 Newton Abbot S15 Kingsteignton
S16 Kingskerswell S17 Dawlish
S18 Teignmouth S19 Bovey Tracey
S20 Chudleigh S21 Villages
S22 Countryside  

 Prosperous Economy

EC1 Business Development EC2 Loss of business sites
EC3 Rural Employment EC4 Working from home
EC5 Equine development EC6 Large scale retail development
EC7 Primary shopping Frontages EC8 Secondary Shopping Frontages
EC9 Developments in town centres EC10 Local Shops
EC11 Tourist accommodation EC12 Tourist attractions​


WE1 Housing WE2 Affordable Housing
WE3 Definition of Affordable Housing WE4 Inclusive Design and Layout
WE5 Exceptions Policy WE6 Gypsy and Traveller Pitches
WE7 Varity in new dwellings WE8 Domestic extensions
WE9 Rural workers dwellings WE10 Rural workers dwelling
WE11 Green Infrastructure WE12 Loss of local facilities

 Quality Environment

EN1 Strategic and Local Open Breaks EN2 Undeveloped Coast
EN3 Climate Change EN4 Flood Risk
EN5 Heritage Assets EN6 Air Quality
EN7 Contaminated Land EN8 Biodiversity
EN9 Important Habitats EN10 South Hams Special Area
EN11 Important Species EN12 Trees and Hedgerows

Heart of Teignbridge

Newton Abbot

NA1 Houghton Barton NA2 Whitehill
NA3 Wolborough NA4 Milber
NA5 Buckland Barton NA6 Bradley Barton
NA7 Northern Link Road NA8 Newton Abbot Town Centre
NA9 Cattle Market Area NA10 Bradley Lane
NA11 Market Walk NA12 Cricketfield
NA13 Newton Abbot Hospital NA14 Newfoundland Way
NA15 Osbourn Street  


KS1 Sands Copse KS2 Ware Barton
KS3 land at Abbrook KS4 Town Centre Consolidation
KS5 Town Council Offices KS6 Penns Mount
KS7 North of Passage House  


KK1 land off Torquay Road  KK2 land at Fluder Hill
KK3 land to rear of the Barn Owl KK4 Aller Valley Country Park
KK5 Village Centre shopping KK6 Kingskerswell rail station

 Edge of Exeter

SWE1 South West of Exeter Urban Extension


DA1 south of Shutteron Lane DA2 north west Secmaton Lane
DA3 north of Meadow Park DA4 west of Southdowns Road
DA5 land at Little Leigh, Holcombe DA6 Strategic Blue and Green Route
DA7 Dawlish Warren Coastal Park DA8 proposed Green Infrastructure
DA9 Dawlish - movement DA10 Education facilities
DA11 Dawlish healthcare DA12 Regeneration


TE1 Broadmeadow to Headway Cross TE2 east of Shepherds Lane
TE3 west of Higher Exeter Road TE4 Regeneration Proposals
TE5 Marina facility TE6 Teignmouth Nature Conservation

 Bovey Tracey

BT1 Dean Park BT2 Bradley Bends
BT3 Challabrook BT4 land off Le Molay Littry Way
BT5 Town Centre BT6 Heathfield


CH1 land at Rocklands CH2 land north east Chudleigh
CH3 land around James House CH4 land at Colway Lane
CH5 land at Grovelands CH6 north west town centre
CH7 Inner Bell Field School site CH8 Town Centre enhancements
CH9 Green Infrastructure CH10 Station Hill Green Infrastructure

Impact Assessments

Health Impact Assessment

Habitat Regulations Assessment of Preferred Options

Natural England responses to Habitat Regulations Assessment of Preferred Options