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3. Carbon Offsetting Calculator

Major Planning Applications on or after 8 October 2019

Following the Executive Council meeting on 8 October 2019, Policy S7 was amended in accordance with the updated 2008 climate change act. Accordingly, Policy S7 requires a 48% reduction in emissions by 2033. Regulated emissions rates should be entered into the Policy S7 Demonstration Calculator for residential and/or commercial buildings to indicate whether the proposed development complies with Policy S7. Results from the Policy S7 Demonstration Calculator should be identified within a Carbon Reduction Plan, which should be submitted within the planning application, as required under Policy EN3. Further guidance is provided within the Policy S7 Demonstration Calculator spread sheet.

Policy S7 Demonstration Calculator 

Major Planning Applications made before 8 October 2019

All major planning applications made before 8 October 2019 are required to demonstrate compliance with Policy S7 using the Carbon Offsetting Calculator and associated guidance, as shown below. This is based on the original wording of Policy S7, which required a 42% reduction in carbon emissions in Teignbridge by the year 2030. Applicants are required to enter details into the Carbon Offsetting Calculator for residential developments and provide results within a Carbon Reduction Plan, as required under Policy EN3 for all major planning applications. Further guidance has been provided within the Carbon Offsetting Calculator spread sheet.

OLD - Policy S7 Demonstration Calculator

Carbon Offsetting Calculator - instructions

The Development of a Method to support Policies S7 and EN3 - Draft