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Local Development Scheme

Teignbridge Local Plan Update Part 1: Quality as Standard

This document will cover all policies which relate to how development takes place. Its focus will be on improving our built and natural spaces through careful and positive management so that they support high quality living conditions in an increasingly zero carbon environment. It will set out the Council’s expectations for high standards of design, development and living conditions to give a clear and improved framework for all future development including allocations to be contained in GESP and in the Teignbridge Local Plan Update Part 2: Creating Quality Places.

It will include policies relating to:

  • Climate change and energy requirements
  • Design
  • Employment (e.g. business development; rural economy; tourism)
  • Environmental conditions (e.g. air, water and soil quality; contamination;
  • pollution)
  • Environmental protection (e.g. landscapes; biodiversity; woodland;
  • protected sites)
  • Town centres
  • Green infrastructure
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Housing types and standards (e.g. affordable housing; exception sites;
  • custom build; accessible homes)
  • Settlement hierarchy
  • Settlement limits


  • January 2020 – Draft Plan
  • June 2020 – Proposed Submission
  • October 2020 – Submit Plan
  • February 2021 – Examine Plan
  • July 2021 – Adopt Plan

Teignbridge Local Plan Update Part 2: Creating Quality Places

The Local Plan Part 2 will cover all policies which relate to where development takes place. It will set out the Council’s strategy for delivering new homes, employment land, facilities and supporting infrastructure.

It will include policies and allocations relating to:

  • Employment allocations
  • Gypsy and traveller site allocations
  • Housing allocations
  • Renewable energy allocations
  • Town centre redevelopment proposals
  • Town specific retail requirements
  • Place specific policies and initiatives


  • Jan 2021 - Draft Policies and Site Options Consultation
  • Sep 2021 - Draft Plan
  • Sep 2022 - Proposed Submission
  • Apr 2023 - Submit Plan
  • Jun 2023 - Examine Plan
  • Dec 2023 - Adopt Plan

Greater Exeter Strategic Plan

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) will cover the local planning authority areas of Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge (i.e. those Councils’ administrative areas excluding Dartmoor National Park). It will be prepared jointly by those four local planning authorities with the support of Devon County Council under Section 28 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act. It will:

  • set an overall vision and strategy for the area in the context of national and other high level policy and in particular climate emergency declarations and the NPPF;
  • contain policies and proposals for strategic and cross boundary issues where these are best dealt with at a larger-than-local scale;
  • set the overall amount of growth for the period 2020 – 2040;
  • promote the Liveable Exeter vision by allocating urban regeneration sites in the city;
  • implement the overall vision and strategy by allocating strategic sites of 500 or more homes which may include urban extensions and new settlements ;
  • provide districts’ local plans with targets for non-strategic development

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Last updated 23 September 2020