Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040

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4. Homes

  • The Government has acknowledged a target of 300,000 homes to be built per year (Budget Statement 2017)
  • The population of Teignbridge is expected to increase by 13.3% (or 17,500 residents) between 2019 and 2039
  • There has also been a decline in the average number of people per household and average house prices here are 9.34 times the average wage in the area, making home-ownership unaffordable for many
  • The adopted Local Plan requires us to build 620 homes a year however, new figures proposed by the Government increase this figure to 756, of which 20% must be built on small sites (less than 0.5 hectares). 
  • We currently only have enough brownfield land for 807 new homes so more land is required
  • the Review investigates these issues along with the provision of affordable housing, adaptable housing (that which meets occupiers changing needs over time), as well as custom and self-build housing to meet the needs of local people 

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