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Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040

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4. Local Plan: Overview

What is the Local Plan?

Our current Local Plan sets out the policies, proposals and actions for us to meet the environmental, social and economic challenges facing the area up to 2033. It runs from 2013 - 2033 and was adopted on 6 May 2014.

Why is the Plan being reviewed?

  • requirement by law to review the Plan every 5 years
  • ensures the Local Plan is up to date and reflects the changing needs of the area
  • an ‘out-of-date’ Local Plan could be superseded by National Policy
  • this would mean that a presumption in favour of sustainable development would apply and development could occur on land not identified in the Local Plan 

Timescale for Review

The Local Plan Review 2020-2040 is being prepared in two parts.

Part 1 of the Plan will contain policies to guide decisions taken on proposed new development. This part of the Plan was available for consultation between Monday 23 March and Monday 13 July 2020.

Part 2 of the Plan will contain sites allocated for development. This part of the Plan was available for consultation between Monday 28 June 2021 and Monday 9 August 2021.

The full timescale is set out in the Local Development Scheme.

How will your information be used?

  • all comments received in writing (including email) during the consultation period are currently being considered and we will produce a Consultation Statement (a document setting out the main issues raised and how these will inform the preparation of the Draft Plan).
  • please note that any comments received through Twitter or Facebook have not been considered formal representation for the purpose of this consultation
  • information provided will only be used by us for the purposes of the Local Plan Review
  • anyone submitting information will have their personal data held in a secure database used for planning policy consultation purposes only