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Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040

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1. Local Plan Review (Part 2) Site Options Consultation - Consultation Closed

This consultation is now closed. Public consultation on Part 2 the new Local Plan, ran for an 8 week period from 28 June 2021 until 9 August 2021.  All comments submitted during the consultation will now be reviewed and considered.  They will be made available on our website when the next stage of the Local Plan (Proposed Submission version) is published for consultation in early 2022.

The Draft Local Plan (Part 2) is the third step in our update to the existing Local Plan which was adopted in May 2014. Within the next few years this plan, alongside the Local Plan Part 1 (which was consulted on in March to July 2020), will replace the existing Local Plan in full.

The Draft Local Plan (Part 2) sets out options for where different types of development might be located over a 20 year period. The information included within the plan: 

  • Shows you all of the development options which are available for public comment
  • Provides information about each of the different options

It is important to note that no decisions have been taken at this stage as to where development might take place. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views from the public on the community's preferred options for development. In doing so, you are asked to comment on:

  • Particular preferences for sites within individual settlements
  • Whether any particular site(s) could help to resolve or improve existing issues within a settlement
  • Whether any particular site(s) could increase existing issues within a settlement
  • Any local knowledge which would improve our understanding of a site option
  • Any private or community interests which could be positively or negatively affected by development of a potential site option

Consultation documents:  

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Development Strategy 
Chapter 3: Urban Renewal Site Options 
Chapter 4: Housing Site Options in the Heart of Teignbridge 
Chapter 5: Housing Site Options in the Coastal Towns  
Chapter 6: Housing Site Options in the Rural Towns 
Chapter 7: Housing Site Options on the Edge of Exeter  
Chapter 8.1: Housing Site Options for Villages (A-E)  
Chapter 8.2: Housing Site Options for Villages (I-Z)  
Chapter 9: Employment Site Options  
Chapter 10: Gypsy and Traveller Pitch Provision 
Chapter 11: Low Carbon 
Chapter 12: Secondary School Options for Newton Abbot 
Appendix 1: Saved Allocations 

Supporting documents


Need to Know Guide

The Need to Know Guide is a short, relatively jargon-free document which provides a summary overview of this Local Plan (Part 2) consultation

Submission of new sites for development

This Call for Sites is now closed.  This Call for Sites, which ran for an 8 week period from 28 June 2021 until 9 August 2021, was launched to provide individuals and organisations with the opportunity to suggest land they own that they think has the potential to be developed for gypsy and traveller uses. This is because the previous call for sites has failed to identify sufficient land for this use. We were also seeking small residential sites. This was to help us fulfil the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requirement to accommodate 10% of our housing on sites of less than 1ha in size.

Printed Copies

Printed copies of the main documents are not freely available, but can be purchased.  Copies are also available to view in public places including libraries and from parish and town councils. 

The Draft Teignbridge Local Plan (Part 2) costs £23.00 (including postage and packing), and all four consultation documents can be purchased for £35 (including postage and packing).  If you would like a printed copy please email us on the address below.

How to get in touch: 


How your information will be used

  • All comments received in writing (including email) during the consultation period will be considered and we will produce a Consultation Statement (a document setting out the main issues raised and how these will inform the preparation of the Proposed Submission Local Plan Review 2020-2040).
  • Please note that any comments received through Twitter  or  Facebook  will not be considered formal representation for the purpose of this consultation
  • Information provided will only be used by us for the purposes of the Local Plan Review

Anyone submitting information will have their personal data held in accordance with the Spatial Planning Privacy Notice.