Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040

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9. Teignbridge Planning Cafes

In March 2019, Teignbridge Spatial Planning Team launched our Planning Cafés

These are informal briefings that will take place at least quarterly, for County Councillors, District Councillors, Town/Parish Clerks/Councillors and representatives of Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Groups. The Cafes are designed to provide information on the Teignbridge Local Plan review process, and to help local representatives cascade information to their groups and constituents on Local Plan related matters.  

These are not decision making events, their purpose is to:

  • facilitate an in-depth understanding of issues related to the evidence used to support the Local Plan
  • provide a forum for local perspectives on issues that the Local Plan aims to address
  • explore the Local Plan policy choices being developed
  • bring towns, Parishes and NDP groups together to meet, make connections and share their experience and knowledge.

The first 2 cafes were run in Newton Abbot and Kenton with 50 people attending representing 25 different organisations/areas of the district. They were lively events with lots of discussion and questions. The presentation slides for these can been seen below:

Planning Café, March 2019 Presentations

Café Overview; Making Sense of our Plans; The Housing Number.

Teignplanning – A New Neighbourhood Planning Service; You Said, We’re Doing.

Planning Café, July 2019 Presentations

Understanding the Planning Application Process

Custom and Self Build Homes in Teignbridge

Planning Café, September 2019 Presentations

Landscape Protection and AGLV Designation

Strategic Plans Update

Town Centres Workshop

Workshop Feedback