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Proposed Submission Local Plan 2020-2040

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6. Consultation Statement and responses to previous consultations

The Consultation Statements explain how the Council has involved residents and key stakeholders in preparing the Proposed Submission Local Plan 2020-2040.

Search for comments submitted to the Local PlanRegulation 19 Consultation Statement

Chapter 1 General Policies

GP1 Sustainable Development - Representations

GP2 Development in Teignbridge - Representations

GP3 Settlement Limits and the Countryside - Representations

GP4 Ashburton and Buckfastleigh  - Representations

GP5 Neighbourhood Plans - Representations

GP6 Loss of Local Facilities and Services - Representations

GP7 Infrastructure & Transport Networks - Representations

GP8 Viability - Representations

Chapter 2 Climate Change

CC1 Resilience - Representations

CC2 Carbon Statements - Representations

CC3 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure - Representations

CC4 Sustainable Transport  - Representations

CC5 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation - Representations

CC6 Wind turbine development - Representations

CC7 Energy Storage - Representations

Chapter 3 Design and Wellbeing

DW1 Quality Development - Representations

DW2 Development Principles - Representations

DW3 Design Standards - Representations

Chapter 4 Economy

EC1 Business Development - Representations

EC2 Local Supporting Services - Representations

EC3 Loss of Employment Sites - Representations

EC4 Inclusive Employment and Skills - Representations

EC5 Working from Home - Representations

EC6 New Tourist Accommodation and Attractions - Representations

EC7 Static and Touring Caravan Sites - Representations

EC8 High speed digital networks - Representations

EC9 Development in and around Town Centres - Representations

EC10 Vital and Viable Town Centres - Representations

EC11 Large Scale Retail Development - Representations

EC12 Local Shops - Representations

Chapter 5 Homes

H1 Land for New Homes - Representations

H2 Affordable Housing Targets - Representations

H3 Affordable Housing Controls - Representations

H4 Inclusive Mix, Design and Layout - Representations

H5 Homes Suitable for All - Representations

H6 Custom Build - Representations

H7 Rural Exception Sites - Representations

H8 Other Exception Sites - Representations

H9 Local Connection Test and Cascade - Representations

H10 Homes for the Travelling Community - Representations

H11 Household Development - Representations

H12 Residential Amenity - Representations

H13 Replacement Dwellings - Representations

H14 Re-use and conversion of Disused Buildings in the Countryside - Representations

H15 Subdivision of Existing Dwellings - Representations

H16 Rural Workers' Dwellings - Representations

H17 Removal of Conditions Imposed on Rural Workers' Dwellings - Representations

 Chapter 6 Environment

EN1 Setting of Settlements - Representations

EN2 Undeveloped Coast - Representations

EN3 Coastal Change Management Areas - Representations

EN4 Landscape Protection and Enhancement - Representations

EN5 Equine Development - Representations

EN6 Flood Risk and Water Quality - Representations

EN7 Air Quality - Representations

EN8 Light Pollution - Representations

EN9 Contaminated Land, Land Instability - Representations

EN10 Biodiversity and Geodiversity - Representations

EN11 Important Habitats and Features - Representations

EN12 Legally Protected and Priority Species - Representations

EN13 European Wildlife Sites - Representations

EN14 Exe Estuary and Dawlish Warren - Representations

EN15 South Hams SAC - Representations

EN16 Trees, Hedges and Woodlands - Representations

EN17 Heritage Assets - Representations

Chapter 8 Newton Abbot and Kingsteignton Garden Community Policies and Allocations

GC1 Travel and Movement - Representations

GC2 Connection to Nature - Representations

GC3 Education - Representations

GC4 Town Centre Regeneration Area - Representations

GC5 Floor Risk Management and Resilience - Representations

GC6 Cattlemarket - Representations

GC7 Wolborough Street Car Park - Representations

GC8 Highweek Way - Representations

GC9 Coach Road Nursery - Representations

GC10 Hopkins Land Opportunity Area - Representations

GC11 Forde Close Opportunity Area - Representations

GC12 Newfoundland Way Car Park - Representations

GC13 Bradmore New Neighbourhood - Representations

GC14 North of Howton Road - Representations

GC15 Undercleave, Canada Hill - Representations

GC16 East of Buckland Road - Representations

GC17 Berry Knowles, A382 Corridor - Representations

GC18 North of Broadway Road Opportunity Area - Representations

GC19 Horsemills Field - Representations

GC20 North of Forches and Perry Cross - Representations

GC21 Ilford Park, Drumbridges - Representations

Chapter 9 Edge of Exeter

EE1 Markham Village - Representations

EE2 Peamore and West Exe - Representations

EE3 West Exe Countryside Park SANGS Opportunity Area - Representations

EE4 Attwells Farm - Representations

Chapter 10 Coastal Towns

CT1 Langdon Business Park, Dawlish - Representations

Chapter 11 Rural Towns

RT1 Le Molay Littry Way, Bovey Tracey - Representations

RT2 Bradley Bends, Bovey Tracey - Representations

RT3 Inner Bell, Chudleigh - Representations

Chapter 12 Villages

V1 Ruby Farm. Abbotskerswell - Representations

V2 Forder Lane, Bishopsteignton - Representations

V3 Baker's Yard, Bishopsteignton - Representations

V4 Easterways, Broadhempston - Representations

V5 Tollgate Farm, Chudleigh Knighton, Hennock - Representations

V6 Field off Knights Mead, Chudleigh Knighton, Hennock - Representations

V7 East Street, Denbury - Representations

V8 Adjacent to Burnt Meadow, Doddiscombsleigh - Representations

V9 Zigzag Quarry, Kingskerswell - Representations

V10 Land West of Benedict's Road, Liverton - Representations

V11 Welcome Stranger Cross - Representations

V12 Little Liverton Business Park - Representations

V13 Blackstone Cross, Ipplepen - Representations

V14 Blackberry Hill, Ipplepen - Representations

V15 Parkhill Cross, Ipplepen - Representations

V16 Lamacroft Farm, Kennford - Representations

V17 Staplake Road, Starcross - Representations

V18 Lower Uppacott, Tedburn St Mary - Representations

The following supporting documents are available for comment:

Whole plan comments

Policies Map - Representations

Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) - Representations


Appendix 1 - Superseded and Extant Polices

Appendix 2 - Useful Terms - Representations

Appendix 3  - Housing Trajectory

Appendix 4 - Design Code

SA and SEA

SEA - Representations (Appendix C)

SEA - Full representations

Regulation 18 Consultation Statement - this has been previously consulted on

Consultation Statement – Main Report

Appendix 1 – Schedule 3 Part 1

Appendix 1 – Schedule 3a

Appendix 1 – Schedule 3b

Appendix 1 – Schedule 3c

Appendix 1 – Schedule 3d