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Proposed Submission Local Plan 2020-2040

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2. Live consultation of the Local Plan Proposed Submission Addendum (Regulation 19)

The Proposed Submission Local Plan Addendum 2020-2040 sets out policies for how development will be managed in the district, and includes site allocations including for new housing, employment areas, gypsy and traveller pitches, and wind turbine areas.

This is the second Regulation 19 version of the Plan (i.e. the final draft). It is the version of the Plan which will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for public examination. We will consider the comments received and recommend any modifications to the Inspector examining the Plan if appropriate.

The following documents are available to comment on from 8 November until 5pm on 22 December 2023.

This Addendum shows the changes to the Proposed Submission Plan as red text. Deleted text is shown in red strikethrough and new text is shown in red underline.

This consultation is not intended to be an opportunity to make comments on any other parts of the Proposed Submission Plan.

Comments should only relate to the proposed changes to the plan contained within this Addendum or the additional/updated evidence which has been published.

We will not review other comments made about the Proposed Submission Plan which are outside the scope of this consultation.

Proposed Submission Local Plan Addendum 2020-2040

Changes can also be viewed below:

Appendix 1 - Superseded and Extant Policies

Appendix 2 - Useful Terms

Appendix 3 - Housing Trajectory

Appendix 4 - District Design Code

Appendix 5 - Illustrative Concept Plans

for ease of viewing the concept plans contained in appendix 5 are listed separately below:

Appendix 6 - Monitoring Framework

Appendix 7 - Houghton Barton and Bradmore Design Code

Schedule 1 – Minor Modifications

Schedule 2 – Policy Map Changes

Schedule 3 – Summary of Main Changes

Policies Map

Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitats Regulation Assessment

Consultation Statement 

Statement of Representations Procedure

Need to Know Guide

Please submit your comments by 5pm on 22 December.

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Please read through all the information before starting the survey. We have put together guidance to help you to complete the survey.

All comments relating to the changes will be read, considered and, where appropriate, inform a list of suggested changes that will be sent to the Independent Local Plan Examiner.

Paper forms are available from your local Town or Parish Council Office, Libraries in
Teignbridge District (outside of Dartmoor National Park), or by contacting the Local Plan Team on or 01626 215754.