Planning application and next steps

Western Ownership

2017 planning application

The original planning application that was submitted under reference 17/01542/MAJ is no longer to be determined by us. The applicant has lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate due to no decision within the Statutory time period. Comments on the appeal can be made to the Planning Inspectorate directly.

A planning inquiry associated with the appeal ran for 3 days starting on 26 March 2019 at 10am at our Forde House offices in Brunel Road, Newton Abbot. The inquiry will re-open for a 2 further days on Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 10am. 

The Inspector as instructed by the Secretary of State is Frances Mahoney. Members of the public may attend the inquiry and, at the Inspector's discretion, express their views.

The appeal documents including a Statement of Common Ground and all the parties' appeal statements and proofs of evidence can be viewed here.

Paper copies can be viewed at the council offices between 9am - 4pm. If you want to see the paper file please contact us by email or by calling 01626 215746, giving 24 hours notice.

Further documents will be added as the case progresses.

2018 planning applications

A duplicate planning application was refused by Teignbridge’s Planning Committee on 12 February 2019

You can find out more about the 2018 planning applications by following the links below; comments on applications are accepted up until the point of determination.  

  • 18/01276/MAJ duplicate application for outline mixed use including circa 1210 dwellings. This application was refused by Planning Committee on Tuesday 12 February 2019.
  • 18/01314/FUL application for change of use of barns to hotel, restaurant and bar
  • 18/01527/FUL application for section of the link road

Eastern ownership

A planning application for the east of the allocation was submitted in February 2019 under reference 19/00238/MAJ and will be determined in due course following public consultation.

Wolborough Masterplan

In addition to the planning applications further work is needed to prepare a Wolborough Masterplan.

Landowners have sought ‘outline’ planning permission associated with the principle of development. If that consent is granted they will then need to submit a further ‘reserved matters’ application associated with matters like layout and design. The Wolborough Development Plan Document (DPD) would be relevant at both stages of the process but can only be taken into account once it has reached an advance stage of preparation.

When preparation of the DPD was approved the committee report explained that planning application decisions cannot be held up by the DPD process. National guidance expects planning authorities to consider and determine development proposals as soon as possible.


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