Applying and guidance for planning applications

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6. How do I comment on a planning application?

Comments can be made whilst viewing the application online until the decision is made.

Only planning related matters can be considered and any comments which we consider to be inappropriate will be removed before publication. Inappropriate comments include those which are racist, sexist, xenophobic, defamatory, prejudiced or otherwise likely to cause offence to the subject of the comments or any other reader. If an application attracts, or is likely to attract a lot of inappropriate comments we may publish a summary of comments on our website instead of individual letters.

Any petitions will be displayed on the website without the list of names/addresses/signatures. Only the name and address of the lead person/organiser will be recorded and used for contact purposes. The same applies to pre-filled letters where the only one copy of the letter will be placed on our website under the heading of Bulk Letters showing the number of copies received.