Applying and guidance for planning applications

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2. Pre-application advice

For advice about whether planning permission is needed or not please read Do I need planning permission? .

We can give you written informal advice about whether or not an application is likely to be successful. We can also help you improve the application in terms of its design and impact on the area and give advice on the necessary documentation to submit.

You will need to complete the Pre-application Advice Form and pay the relevant Pre-application advice fees.

Please provide all the information requested on the form and your fee. We will start work on your request when the fee and all the required information have been provided. 

Full details of the service offered are set out in our Pre-Application Planning Advice Procedure.

General verbal advice on householder developments

Teignbridge householders can phone 01626 215743 to arrange a call back, or an appointment with a duty officer. Telephone calls will returned in the order received, which may not be the same day. Appointments are a maximum of 20 minutes long and are available Monday to Thursday, from 1pm every half hour, until 3.30pm as the offices close at 4pm. 

You are encouraged to discuss your plans with your neighbours and any other affected people before you submit your application.

You may also need to discuss your proposal with Building Control to ensure that it will comply with Building Regulations.

Confidentiality, Privacy Policy and Freedom of Information

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected by adhering to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Any personal information provided will be used by us solely for the purpose of giving pre-application advice and contacting you regarding this.

The data will be stored and retained in accordance with our full privacy policy

Customers normally expect the details of pre-application discussions to be confidential and we aim to provide advice on this basis and so they are not published on this website. Neighbours may become aware of your enquiry as a result of our investigations.

However, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Environmental Information Regulations, third parties can ask to see pre-application documentation and the council has to decide whether any of the information is exempt from disclosure. To assist us in dealing with such requests, applicants/agents are encouraged to submit in writing the specific reasons why, in their view, documentation relating to their pre-application discussions should remain confidential. It will be the decision of the Freedom of Information Officer whether such information is exempt.