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Community Infrastructure Levy

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2. How much CIL do I pay?

Any new development, including change of use,that falls within the CIL Charging Schedule (residential and out of town retail) will be liable. The charging schedule showed the amounts payable per square metre of floorspace in a development when it was first introduced in 2014.

The residential charge varies depending on the area and these can be seen on a map by following the link to CIL charging areas

The floorspace is measured using the Gross Internal Area as defined within the RICS Code of Measuring Practice

Since 2020 the CIL regulations state that the index rate to be used for each calendar year is the RICS CIL index as at 1 November of the previous year as published by RCIS (previously it was the BCIS index).

To calculate it for any year use the following formula:

Original CIL rate X Square Metres of Chargeable Area X Index for current year ÷ Index for 2014 (year of adoption).

For 2024 this is:

CIL rate X chargeable area X 381 ÷ 239

The CIL regulations require the charging authority to publish an annual CIL rate summary statement (with effect from 2020)

Further details on what the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is and how it operates can be found on the Government guidance pages.

Table of Index Figures for previous years used in CIL calculations
Calendar year Index figure
2014 239
2015 254
2016 274
2017 286
2018 314
2019 318
2020 334
2021 333
2022 332
2023 355
2024 381