Guide to planning permission

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1. Do I need planning permission?

Most dwellings (excluding flats) have Permitted Development Rights which allow you to do small works without applying for planning permission. However sometimes these have been removed or other restrictions apply.

Follow the link to see if there are any restrictions on your property preventing you from using permitted development rights.

A previous planning permission may also have restrictions eg. preventing the conversion of a garage to living accommodation etc. You can view previous decisions by doing a planning search by address

You may also need to contact Devon Building Control Partnership about Building Regulations Consent for your project.

If your property is listed, you will also need listed building consent for any works.

Click 'Start' to see what can be done under Permitted Development Rights. This will take you to the government website which has common projects and an interactive house. You must have checked (link above) for any restrictions on your property first.


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Alternatively you can: 

See a duty planning officer on a drop in basis between 1pm and 4.45pm, Monday to Thursday, and 1pm to 4.15pm Friday. They can provide up to 20 minutes of free general advice.

Phone a duty planning officer on 01626 215714 or 01626 215737. Your call will be logged and returned during duty officer hours. This might not be on the same day if we have a lot of calls to return.

Email or write with details using the pre-application advice request form.