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1. Do I need planning permission?

Most dwellings (excluding flats) have Permitted Development Rights which allow you to do certain small works without applying for planning permission. However sometimes these have been removed or other restrictions apply.

Find out if there are any restrictions on your property preventing you from using permitted development rights.

A previous planning permission may also impose restrictions eg. preventing the conversion of a garage to living accommodation etc. You can view previous decisions by doing a planning search by address.

Business or commercial premises may also do some works, including some changes of use, under permitted development

If your property is listed, you will also need listed building consent for any works.

You may also need to contact Devon Building Control Partnership about Building Regulations Consent for your project.

Click 'Start' to find out more. This will take you to the planning portal where there is advice on permitted development for householders and for business/commercial use.  You must have checked (using the two links above) for any restrictions on your property first.

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Alternatively you can

Submit a formal Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Development to receive a formal determination. The fee for this is half the relevant planning fee.  You can submit this via the Applying for Planning Permission webpage.

This will only give you an answer as to whether or not planning permission is required. 

General verbal advice on householder developments - service suspended during coronavirus

Teignbridge residents can obtain verbal advice on householder developments by phoning 01626 215735 to arrange a telephone call back.   This service is available Monday to Thursday afternoons. Telephone calls will returned in the order received, which may not be the same day. Appointments are for a maximum of 20 minutes and are available from 1pm until 3.30pm as the offices close at 4pm..