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Planning advice

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2. Pre-application advice

If your development needs planning permission and you would like advice about how likely it is to be successful we offer a paid for pre-application advice service. We do not give verbal or written advice outside of this paid for service. You do not have to use this service, as you can go straight to submitting your planning application.  

Please note you cannot use our pre-application advice service to find out if you need planning permission or not. If you don't know whether or not you need planning permission you must use our do I need planning permission page to self help or apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.

To obtain pre-application advice please complete the online pre-application advice request upload plans and pay the pre-application advice fee.  

This service can help identify and address key issues at an early stage saving you time and money in submitting a formal planning application that has little chance of success or minimising any potential constraints and enabling you to prepare a higher quality application.

Our advice will set out the policy background against which the development will be considered. It will clearly lay out the issues which would be raised by the development (in so far as they can be identified at the pre-application stage). Where relevant, our advice will specify what improvements can be made to the scheme to make it acceptable or if the principle of the development is unacceptable, what the grounds for refusal would be likely to be.

You are encouraged to discuss your plans with your neighbours and any other affected people before you submit your application.

You may also need to discuss your proposal with Building Control to ensure that it will comply with Building Regulations.

The following statutory consultants also provide paid for pre-application advice in their specialist area.

Please note we cannot provide pre-application advice on applications for prior notification under Part 3 of the Town and Country General Permitted Development Order 2015 (GDPO). This is because we would have to make a full assessment to provide a meaningful pre-application response, which would essentially duplicate the application process.  The same exclusion applies to larger householder extensions under Part 1 Class A4 of the GDPO.

Although pre-application advice is offered on a without prejudice basis, we will ensure that it is as reliable as possible. The advice will be based on the available information and policies at that time, but will not be a guarantee that any subsequent application will result in a particular decision and will not be binding on the Council in any way. Our opinion may change during the formal application process as a result of the views of consultees and other interested parties such as neighbouring residents. The final decision may also be made by Planning Committee, rather than by officers and it is possible that they may reach a different view