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Planning applications

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1. Applying for planning permission

Read our Validation Guides to know what to include with your application. This includes information about reducing carbon emissions and supporting biodiversity. Your application will not be valid until all the required information has been received including the fee which can be paid during your online submission. Most planning fees are set by Government legislation and can be calculated by using the Planning Portal Fee Calculator. There are some fees that are set by Teignbridge District Council planning fee. These include a 10% (min £60 Max £500) admin fee retained where an invalid application is not progressed.

You will need to submit a site location plan.  These can be purchased online from many suppliers or planning portal also has links to some of these suppliers at buy a planning map.

Apply online by clicking on the 'Start' button below which takes you to the Planning Portal

All documents will go on the website for public viewing once the application is valid.  Private telephone numbers, private email addresses and signatures will be removed. Only planning issues should be included and any comments which the council considers to be inappropriate may be removed.

You may also need to contact Devon Building Control with regard to Building Regulations. 

We would recommend that you employ the services of a planning consultant as an agent to submit your planning application

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  • you will need to register
  • you will need to have the necessary plans and supporting documents as advised above
  • you may pay online with a debit or credit card

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