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Planning applications

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2. What happens during the planning process?

If the applicant has appointed an agent then all correspondence and negotiation will be with the agent and it is their responsibility to keep the applicant informed of any issues raised by us during the application.

When an application is received, we check that all of the relevant details, plans and the correct planning fee have been supplied.  See our validation guides for details of what is required.  If anything is missing from the application or if any details are insufficient we will contact the applicant/agent to obtain the necessary information and the application will not be valid until all of these details are received.  Once valid the application will be displayed online and the public can view and comment on current planning applications

Applications are publicised by way of a site notice or by letters to neighbours.

Consultations are sent to the required statutory consultees, including the parish/town council, depending on the type/nature of the application.

A 21 day publicity/consultation period is given and a decision will not be made before the overall publicity expiry date. 

A site visit will be carried out if necessary, and in some cases there may be negotiations between the applicant/agent and the case officer.  However, our expectation is that proposals are negotiated through the pre-application service and our normal position is not to seek or accept amendments after validation.  Please see the next section of this guidance for more information

The target date for a decision is 8 weeks (13 weeks for major applications), however this may be extended by agreement with the applicant/agent.

Planning applications will be assessed against the Teignbridge Local Plan 2013 - 2033, any made Neighbourhood Plan for the area, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and other relevant policies and legislation.  All aspects of the application will be considered including comments from the public, the town/parish council and statutory consultees e.g. Highways, English Nature, Historic England, Environment Agency, along with design, effect on the character and appearance of the area, overlooking, amenity (enjoyment of the property/neighbouring property) and many other issues all of which are collectively known as material planning considerations.