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Planning fees

Planning application fees and other related fees

The majority of planning fees are set by legislation and are available on the Planning Portal fee calculator

Other fees are either set under different legislation, or are set by us on 1 April each year, and are shown in the table below, followed by details of exemptions/reduced fee and other notes. 

Planning application fees from 1st April 2024
Type of application Cost
Admin fee retained where an invalid application is returned or if withdrawn within first few days of receipt (at our discretion - normally full fee retained when withdrawn) 10% of fee (minimum £65 max £500)
Habitat Regulations - Unilateral Undertaking fee £250.00
Application for Modification of Removal of S106 Clause/Condition within first 5 years following consent £1000.00 plus legal fees
High hedges investigations £750.00
Public Right of Way applications £2,500.00 minimum or bespoke
Deemed Applications.  Enforcement Notice appeals which would result in planning permission if  allowed unless valid application made before notice issued. Fee payable is twice the normal planning fee and is to be paid by every person who appeals against the enforcement notice. This is refunded if the appeal is invalid, or allowed or withdrawn more than 21 days before hearing/site visit. Calculate
Section 106 or Unilateral Undertaking Monitoring Fee Bespoke
Pre-Application Members Forum Bespoke
Requests for archived planning files (pre 1995) £40.00
Enquiries into planning history £160.00
Enquiries/confirmation of compliance relating to S106 agreements and clauses £160.00
Enquiries/confirmation of compliance relating to Enforcement Notices £160.00

Hazardous substance

Hazardous substance applications fees from 1st April 2024
Type of application Cost
Where no one substance exceeds twice the controlled quantity £250.00
Where a substance exceeds twice the controlled quantity £400.00 
Removal of conditions attached to a grant of consent £200
Continuation of consent on partial change in ownership of land £200
Where Viability, Agricultural, Retail or other such appraisals are required the Local Authority will appoint independent assessors to review the evidence and the applicant will be expected to reimburse the Local Authority for all costs involved in this process. cover costs

Exemptions/reduced fees

Fees will not be charged for:

  • Listed Building Consent Applications
  • Works to Trees protected under Tree Preservation Orders or in a Conservation Area
  • Householder applications, for the sole purpose of providing means of access for a disabled person (as defined under S29 of the National Assistance Act 1948 or Part 3 of the Children Act 1989) living within the dwelling or providing facilities to improve the safety health or comfort of that person.
  • Applications for the purpose of providing means of access for disabled persons to or within a building or premises open to the public
  • Applications relating solely to demolition of a building in a conservation area.
  • Applications for Prior Notification where a fee is payable for a concurrent planning application in respect of these proposals for development for the same site is made on the same day by the same applicant.

Reduced fees for certain proposals

  • Where applications cross local authority boundaries an application must be made to each authority but only one fee is payable to the authority within the greater part of the site and is 1.5 times the fee for the whole site or the total of the fees for each separate part of the site, whichever is the lower.
  • On applications made by or on behalf of Parish Councils the fee payable is half the total fee
  • Where simultaneous applications for alternative proposals on the same site are made on the same day by the same applicant the fee due will be the total of the highest fee plus an amount calculated by adding together the alternative proposal fees and then halving that total.

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