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1. Tree advice

Sweet chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica)

Following a recent outbreak in Teignbridge the forestry commission have provided the following urgent advice on their website regarding Sweet Chestnut blight and a Chestnut Blight Symptoms fact sheet

Please check your Sweet Chestnut trees and use Tree Alert to report finding any trees with symptoms of sweet chestnut blight.

Please be aware that movement of Sweet Chestnut and Oak trees/timber has been restricted within the Starcross area.


Ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea)

The forestry commission provide the following advice on Ash dieback disease

Advice on caring for trees.

Pruning, to overcome problems such as loss of light and safety can, if poorly done, result in trees being disfigured and, in extreme cases, become more dangerous.

Different species of trees respond differently to pruning and, in some cases, if pruning is applied too heavily, some trees may die as a result. Generally, tree surgery needs to be applied sensitively to prevent unfavourable growth responses, failure of stems and branches or further problems arising.

Various organisations provide lists of approved tree surgeons and advice on engaging their services. Visit The Arboricultural Association or The International Society of Arboriculture.