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5. My protected tree is dead or dangerous

If your tree is protected, either by a tree preservation order, or as it is within a conservation area, then you normally need permission to do any works.

However, if it is dead or if it is dangerous (poses an immediate threat) then:

  • email us at with location details, photographs of the tree showing the danger or showing that it is dead, details of intended work and your telephone number, at least 5 days before work is proposed.
  • work must not be undertaken until agreed in writing except where there is an immediate risk of serious harm where notice must be given to the Council as soon as practicable after the works become necessary.
  • if you have to undertake emergency works without agreement in writing you are strongly advised to take photographic evidence of the tree before the works are done as it is a criminal offence to do works to such trees without consent and it can result in a substantial fine.

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