Planning advice

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2. Pre-application advice

Coronavirus update

Whilst we will continue to deal with any pre-application advice requests that have already been submitted we will not be accepting any further requests during the coronavirus.

We have therefore removed the application form and will update the website at a later date when we are able to resume the service

Pre-application advice fees with effect from 1 April 2020

Please note we cannot provide pre-application advice on applications for prior notification under Part 3 of the Town and Country General Permitted Development Order 2015 (GDPO). This is because we would have to make a full assessment to provide a meaningful pre-application response, which would essentially duplicate the application process.  The same exclusion applies to larger householder extensions under Part 1 Class A4 of the GDPO.

Full details of the service offered are set out in our Pre-Application planning advice procedure.

You are encouraged to discuss your plans with your neighbours and any other affected people before you submit your application.

You may also need to discuss your proposal with Building Control to ensure that it will comply with Building Regulations.

General verbal advice on householder developments - service suspended during coronavirus

Teignbridge residents can obtain verbal advice on householder developments by phoning 01626 215735 to arrange a telephone call back, or an appointment with a duty officer. This service is available Monday to Thursday afternoons. Telephone calls will returned in the order received, which may not be the same day. Appointments are for a maximum of 20 minutes and are available from 1pm until 3.30pm as the offices close at 4pm.