Planning applications

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4. Who makes the planning decision?

Around 90% of decisions are made by Planning Officers under delegated powers.

Planning Committees

 Applications only go to the Planning Committee for one of the following reasons:

  • at the request of a Ward Member for the Ward in which the application is sited or a neighbouring Ward, for a valid planning reason
  • at the request of the Chairman of Planning Committee, for a valid planning reason
  • at the request of Parish/Town Council for the Parish in which the application is sited, for a valid planning reason
  • if it is a major application (10 or more dwellings/site area 0.5 hectares or more/floor space 1,000 square metres or more) which is recommended for approval and is a departure from the Development Plan
  • if a member of staff or councillor is the applicant or owns the site

If an application goes to planning committee anyone who has commented on it will be advised.

Members of the public may view proceedings from the public gallery. If you wish to speak at a Planning Committee Meeting please view the Guide to speaking at a Planning Committee Meeting. Please email or phone 01626 215112 to request to speak.

The committee agenda, including the committee reports, is published five working days before each Planning Committee, which is held monthly.

Committee meetings and agendas can be viewed, as well as dates of meetings.

The Committee Report (from the agenda) and decision (from the minutes) are also displayed on each application.