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Waste, recycling services and public toilets - COVID-19

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1. If your household is affected by the Coronavirus

 If your household is affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some waste materials that you come in contact with need to be handled carefully before they are collected to help prevent further spread of the virus.

Please adhere to the following for contaminated waste such as tissues and used cloths, you can still make full use of your recycling service as normal:

  1. Bag all contaminated waste

  • All contaminated items you produce, including tissues, cleaning cloths, wipes and masks, need to be put into a plastic bag.
  • Tie the top of the bag to prevent escape of the material.
  1. Put the bag inside another bin liner

  • Put the bag inside another bin liner and tie the top of the bag.
  1. Keep for 72 hours

  • Keep the bagged waste for a period of 72 hours in a place that cannot be accessed by other people or pets, ideally in the same room you are using to self isolate.
  1. Put in your black general waste bin 

  • Put the bag in your black general waste bin for safe collection by our crew. The bagged waste must be contained in your wheeled bin and the bin put out at your normal collection point.
  • Do not put the bag on the kerb-side where people could have contact with it. If you don't have wheeled bins please place your bags out as close to the time of collection as possible.

Please wash your hands before putting your bins out

In order to keep our operatives safe during Covid-19, it would be appreciated if all householders wash their hands as per NHS guidance and/or wear gloves when putting out their bins and boxes for collection. This will help minimise any chance of Coronavirus cross contamination.