What goes into my bins and boxes?

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3. Green recycling box

Green recycling box

Your green box is emptied weekly. Please place the box on the kerbside outside your home on your collection day.

What can I put in my green recycling box?

Yes please

  • thick and thin card
  • cardboard packaging         
  • cereal boxes
  • egg boxes
  • ready meal sleeves
  • brown paper wrapping or brown envelopes
  • toilet roll tubes
  • glass bottles                       
  • glass jars
  • all coloured glass
  • batteries (placed in a small plastic bag)
  • printer cartridges
  • mobile phones and chargers

No thanks

  • cartons
  • plastic (plastic packaging can be recycled in your black recycling box)
  • white paper (white paper can be recycled in your reusable sack for paper)
  • light bulbs
  • polystyrene or plastic film
  • broken glass, flat glass or pyrex

Please note

  • cardboard should be flattened, torn or folded to fit inside your recycling box
  • only recycling placed inside your box will be collected
  • large boxes that cannot fit inside your box should be taken to a recycling bank or your local recycling centre
  • glass should be rinsed before recycling