Love food hate waste this Christmas

Over the Christmas period millions of pounds worth of food will go to waste in the UK and it's estimated that 230,000 tonnes of food will be thrown away this festive period. That includes 9,300 tonnes of Brussels sprouts!

With a little thought we can all try to reduce our food and packaging waste this Christmas.


  • buy your fruit and vegetables naked (without packaging!) that way you can pick the best ones too!
  • bigger is better! Buy drinks in bigger bottles rather than small ones. One large bottle generates less waste than several smaller ones.
  • if you can't avoid packaging, check to see if it can be recycled or composted

Food waste

  • don't panic buy just because the shops will close for 2 days! Plan your meals ahead and take 5 minutes to check your fridge and cupboards before you go shopping to make sure that you only buy what you need.
  • try not be tempted by 'buy one get one free' offers on fresh produce. Make sure that you will be able to use it in time.
  • perfect portions! Take the guesswork out of planning meals and use scales, mugs or tablespoons to weigh out your perfect portion.
  • if you have cooked too much, put back a spare meal and eat it for lunch the next day or put in a plastic tub and freeze for another day. This will save you both time and money too!
  • put the vegetable peelings from your Christmas dinner in your outdoor food waste container
  • if you have bought too much food in over Christmas you could also consider donating it to a food bank

Love Food Hate Waste have some fantastic recipe ideas to use up any leftovers from your Christmas dinner.


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Last updated 1 November 2018