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Recycle your wrapping paper

How to recycle your wrapping paper

  1. remove any ribbons or bows
  2. give your wrapping paper the scrunch test
  3. if your wrapping paper stays scrunched pop it in your green recycling box with your cardboard

What to do with wrapping paper that does not pass the scrunch test

  • wrapping paper that contains foil or plastic cannot be recycled, please put it in your black wheeled bin with your general waste.

What to do with ribbons and bows

  • you cannot recycle ribbons and bows but they can be reused 
  • if they cannot be reused, please put them in your black wheeled bin with your general waste

Please do not use your paper sack for wrapping paper

  • wrapping paper is low quality paper and is not high enough in quality to be recycled with your normal paper recycling 

Sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper

There are a few alternatives you could consider, here are a few:

  • gift bags or boxes which can be reused
  • brown paper
  • wrapping with fabric

Please see Recycle Devon's guide to wrapping paper alternatives for more information.

Find out what happens to the wrapping paper we recycle

Wrapping paper is collected with cardboard and sent to Kent or mainland Europe. It is then made into a pulp before being used to make new boxes and packaging.

See this video of the paper and cardboard recycling process for further information.

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Last updated 17 January 2024