Recycling at Christmas

We collect more waste than normal over Christmas and the new year. Please consider reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible.


  • you can recycle your foil in your black box including all your foil mince pie cases and cream tub foil lids.

Wrapping paper

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept wrapping paper in your reusable sack. 

Christmas cards

  • Christmas cards that do not contain foil or glitter can be recycled from home as part of your cardboard collection using your green recycling box 
  • Christmas cards that contain foil or glitter or any other material cannot be recycled and should be placed in your black general waste bin for disposal


  • all cardboard can be recycled using your green recycling box. Please make sure that your cardboard is folded or flattened to fit inside your box.
  • large boxes that have been folded may still be too big to fit inside the opening on the collection lorry and will not be collected.

Large boxes that do not fit in your green recycling box can be taken for free to your local recycling centre or to one of our recycling banks.

Food Waste

Real Christmas trees

  • Real Christmas trees can be recycled at any of our drop off points in January, or they can be taken to one of Devon's Recycling Centres for free. 
  • Garden waste subscribers can place real Christmas trees inside their green bin provided the branches are less than 10cm thick. Christmas trees left outside of green bins will not be taken. Please remember to remove all decorations!


When this content has been updated

Last updated 4 December 2019