Householder and business responsibility

Waste disposal rules for householders

As a householder, you have a legal duty of care to ensure that you manage your waste properly. This means that if you have waste you need to get rid of, you must make sure that you give it to a proper waste carrier. Proper waste carriers will be registered with the Environment Agency and will take your waste to an authorised site for disposal.

We will always take action against anyone who has not taken all reasonable measures to make sure that they passed their waste to an authorised person; if prosecuted and convicted the householder could face a fine of up to £5000.

Environmental Enforcement Officers who see people dumping waste or leaving items they no longer want outside their homes or in other public places for others to pick up can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £400.

Fly tipping is a serious problem across Teignbridge

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous traders collecting waste in this area who persuade householders that they are legitimate waste contractors by using the local papers and other means to promote their services. Others simply turn up on the doorstep if they see waste on a property. More often than not these people then go on to fly tip the waste.

It is a legal requirement that Householders make sure that they do all that they can to ensure that they give their waste to a proper waste carrier.

What you should do as a householder 

If you are getting rid of rubbish or waste:


  • ensure that you are using a legitimate registered carrier by insisting on seeing the original certificate or card (not a copy) and recording the number
  • record the vehicle number of the contractor
  • record the name and address of the contractor
  • record the telephone number of the contractor
  • pay by cheque


  • use any contractor who cold calls on you without checking them out before committing yourself. If the contractor is genuine he will return
  • use contractors who leave cards or leaflets without checking them out
  • use any contractor whose terms seem too good to be true; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is and it is likely to end up costing you very dearly.

In summary:

  • only use a registered waste carrier. Ask to see their registration certificate.
  • ask where the waste will be taken, it must only go to an authorised site
  • don't assume people who advertise in the local papers, newsagents or put cards through your door are legitimate. Always check them out.
  • always get a receipt that includes a company or trading name, address and phone number.
  • remember people who collect waste have to pay to dispose of it so if it seems cheap then its probably too good to be true.
  • our advice is not to use people who cold call at your door offering to take waste away.

If you need any information about registered waste carriers please contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 or view their public register

If you witness flytipping please report it online or contact our enforcement team on


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Last updated 8 February 2018