Buy a water butt kit

A single water butt can collect around 5,000 litres of water a year which is great for the garden or washing the car. Help save tap water and reduce your water bill. 

Water butt kit for sale

As a resident you can purchase a water butt kit from us. Our water butts are made from recycled plastic and are guaranteed for 5 years.


Rainsaver water butt and kit

  • 190 litres
  • height 96cm, diameter 65cm
  • child proof lid
  • stand
  • tap
  • rainwater diverter
  • £45 delivered within the district   

Water butt kits are delivered to the address provided within 10 working days and left outside at your own risk.

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More info about the journey

  • credit or debit card
  • address and delivery instructions
  1. You will receive confirmation of your order and be emailed a receipt confirming payment
  2. We will deliver your water butt in the next 10 working days
  3. We will let you know when we have delivered your water butt

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Last updated 1 April 2019