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1. Home compost bins

Garden composter

Home composting is the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with kitchen and garden waste. It produces compost that can be used as an excellent soil improver. 

Residents can buy low cost home compost bins from us.

All compost bins are made from 100% recycled material. 

We have 4 different composters:

1. Small garden king composter (220 litres)

  • £13 collected
  • £17.20 delivered within the district
  • height 87cm, base diameter 82cm, top diameter 45cm

2. Small rotol composter

  • 220 litres
  • height 77cm, base diameter 76cm, top diameter 46cm
  • £17.20 delivered within the district

3. Large rotol composter (300 litres)

  • £17.60 collected 
  • £21.80 delivered within the district
  • height 77cm, base diameter 102cm, top  diameter 46cm 

4. Garden king composter (330 litres)

  • £17.60 collected
  • £21.80 delivered within the district
  • height 102cm, base diameter 92cm, top diameter 48cm

Composters can be collected from our Forde Road Offices, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4AD.


To request the delivery of a composter please call our Customer Services team on 01626 215838.


If you don't have a big enough garden for home composting, why not consider a Wormery instead? A Wormery is a home for tiger worms, that can turn cooked and uncooked food leftovers (plus things like toilet roll tubes, egg boxes and paper towels) into a rich compost and an excellent liquid feed.