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Garden waste collection service

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3. Terms and Conditions

By paying for the service you will be accepting the following terms and conditions

Service description

We, the Council, will collect a 240-litre green wheeled bin (or equivalent) from your property once a fortnight on the alternate week to your black bin, except for during the Christmas suspension. 

The service starts annually on 1 September and expires on 31 August the following year. 

The waste containers

  • Only bins or sacks provided by the council will be emptied.  We will not collect garden waste presented in any other container

Green wheeled bins

  • You will be supplied with one wheeled bin per subscription, while subscribed to the service.
    • If you already have a usable green bin at your property, you will be expected to use this bin
    • Your permit should be clearly displayed on your bin. If your collection crew are unable to identify your bin it may not be emptied.
    • You can subscribe for up to four garden waste bins per property. Each bin requires a permit charged at the normal subscription rate per bin. 
    • We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days from subscription payment, however there can be delays during busy periods.
    • If your bin becomes damaged, you can order a replacement and we will repair or replace it free of charge
    • If your bin is damaged through neglect or misuse, the cost of repair or replacement may be recharged to you.
    • Garden waste bins remain the property of Teignbridge District council and must not be removed from the district

Sack collection customers

  • If you have your general waste collected in sacks, you will be provided with a supply of approved garden waste sacks. 
    • The volume of sacks provided is equivalent to the annual volume collected from a 240 litre wheeled bin
    • No additional sacks will be issued within the subscription period. 
    • No refund will be issued for unused sacks at the end of the subscription period. 
    • If you renew your subscription, you may use any leftover sacks you have from the previous subscription period.
    • We will collect up to 5 sacks per collection

Christmas suspension

  • There are no collections for two weeks after Christmas. The exact dates of the suspension will be communicated in advance and can be found on your yearly collection calendar.  You will receive 25 collections during the subscription period.

Collection days

  • Collection days are adjusted following bank holidays.  You can download a collection calendar showing collection dates for the current financial year. 
  • The Council reserves the right to change your collection day subject to providing you with prior written notification.

Service cancellation

  • Serious incidents or significant weather events could cause the service to be cancelled without return or refund. Details will be posted on the Councils website. The council reserves the right to cancel collections without notice.  
  • There are no refunds if you choose to cancel the service part way through the subscription period. 
  • If there is evidence of misuse of the service, then we may cancel your service and stop collecting your bin.  There will be no refunds in these circumstances.

Collection delays/service disruptions

  • In the event of service delays, we will return to collect your garden waste as soon as possible.
  • We do not offer refunds for collections that take place later than scheduled. 

Missed collections

  • If a bin is presented correctly and has been missed by the collection crew, a replacement collection will be provided if the collection is reported as missed within 48 hours (collections due on Fridays can be reported on the phone on Monday if you are unable to use our online reporting service.)  
  • There are no refunds for all or part fees for missed collections. 

Presenting bins for collection

  • All garden waste must be presented at the boundary of your property or at the agreed collection point by 6am on your day of collection.  If your garden waste is not presented for collection on time, we will not be able to collect it until your next scheduled collection day.
  • Bins should be presented with the permit facing the road, so that the crew can easily spot it. 
  • Bins that are overflowing or too heavy for the crew to safely handle will not be collected. Operatives must be able to manoeuvre all containers with due regard for health and safety. All wheeled bins must be closed for health and safety reasons and to prevent spillages. 
  • Residents who are served by a sack collection must present no more than five sacks per permit per collection.
  • No side waste will be collected, i.e. no extra waste left next to the bin(s) or placed on the lid(s)
  • If you have assistance with your refuse and recycling, we will also assist with the collection of your garden waste bin.  
  • In freezing conditions, bins will be emptied as thoroughly as possible, however frozen contents will be left in place if they are stuck to the inside of the bin and no return will be made. Residents should loosen the contents of their bin before the next scheduled collection.

Moving house

  • If you move to another address within Teignbridge, please contact us to transfer the service to your new address on 01626 361101 or email
  • Your green bin must be left at your old property, if there is no green bin at your new property, you will be issued with a new bin and permit. We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days from notification, however there may be delays during busy periods.  
  • If you move out of our collection area, please leave your bin(s) for the new residents.  We will not be able to issue a refund if you leave the area.

Acceptable material and contamination

  • Garden waste should be place loose in your bin(s)
  • We will only collect organic garden waste including: grass cuttings, flowers, small tree branches up to 10cm thick, loose leaves, shrub and hedge trimmings.
  • We cannot collect: food waste, animal waste (pet litter/bedding including straw or hay), soil/compost or turf, bricks, stones or rubble, treated wood, flower pots, fake grass, wire netting/fencing, garden furniture, garden toys, ash, compostable packaging or any other non-organic material from your garden. If you place these items in your bin it will not be emptied until they have been removed.  
  • Contaminated bins will not be emptied. If a bin contains incorrect items, it is a resident's responsibility to remove them prior to the next collection. If the contamination continues, we may remove the bin(s). No refund will be given in these circumstances.
  • Your garden waste bin(s) must be used for garden waste from your property. Commercial waste is excluded. 


  • The Fee is subject to a price increase each year at the discretion of and as advised by the Council. 
  • We will not collect garden waste where customers fail to pay the annual renewal fee on time. No special return journeys will be made to collect garden waste for customers making late payments - customers will be required to wait until the next scheduled collection date. We advise subscribers of the latest date for renewal to ensure continuous collections.
  • Approximately six weeks ahead of the end of your subscription period we will send you a renewal notice. Your collections will cease from the start of the new service year if payment has not been made. 
  • A full years' charge is made irrespective of joining or leaving date. Pro rata payments are not accepted. 
  • A concessionary rate is available to those in receipt of income related council tax reduction only, other benefits and reductions do not qualify for the reduced fee. 
  • You have 14 working days from the date of payment to cancel the service if you have not already received a collection.  Requests to cancel the service during this period can be made by email to referencing 'garden waste cancellation' the full address of the property, payment method, and the relevant contact details.