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Gnome holding a placard stating garden waste only with a list of acceptable organic matter items such as grass cuttings, leaves, flowers, twigs, weeds, hedge and plant trimmings. No thanks to plastics, soil, stones, crockery, treated wood and garden furniture.

Just a little reminder - Garden waste only

Recently, we have seen an increase in incorrect items being placed into garden waste bins.

To address this we are running a campaign to remind subscribers of the type of waste we can collect.

What to expect

If you are currently a garden waste collection service subscriber, you will receive contact from us regarding the correct items that can be placed in garden waste bins.

You will receive a postcard through your door and a sticker on your bin. In addition to this, you may also receive an email in your inbox, see new artwork on our garden waste collection vehicles and social media posts on the issue.

Why it is important to only place garden waste in bins

The garden waste we collect is taken to a local site where it is shredded, turned and screened to produce a high-quality product for local farmers to use on their land.  This is a simple, natural process taking 12-16 weeks and is only appropriate for organic waste that has grown in your garden. 

Why can't I put 'compostable' packaging in my garden waste bin?

Compostable bags, coffee cups and packaging vary in the amount of time they take to decompose. The majority of these products take much longer to break down than garden waste.

What should I do with compostable packaging?

Compostable packaging should be placed in your black general waste bin, unless you have a home composter and the packaging is certified as suitable for home composting. See Recycle Now's page on recycling labels

What should I do with other waste from my garden?

Waste such as stones, rocks, bricks, rubble, soil, fake grass, treated wood, wire netting/fencing and concrete bases, should be taken to your nearest recycling centre for disposal. Garden toys should also be taken to your nearest recycling centre if they cannot be donated to others for reuse.

Find out more

Recycle Devon have an information page on different types of plastics and Clear on plastics have a similar page where they discuss bio-plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics.   

Key message

Remember to only use your garden waste bin for organic matter that has grown in your garden such as; grass cuttings, leaves, flowers, twigs, weeds, hedge trimmings and plant clippings.


When this content has been updated

Last updated 19 May 2022