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Order a set of containers for a newly built property

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2. Frequently asked questions

Why are you introducing this charge?

Funding from Central Government has reduced.  The Environmental Protection Act 1990, allows councils to charge residents for the supply of waste and recycling containers. Many already do this to help protect other services. 

Doesn't my council tax cover the provision of waste and recycling containers?

The collection, recycling and disposal of your waste will still be paid out of your council tax. The one-off cost for the supply of bins and boxes when a property is first occupied is not. This policy is becoming common as Councils need to manage their finances. We work hard to operate collection services efficiently to help keep costs down.

How have you come up with the cost?

The price includes the cost of purchasing a set of containers, and an average cost for the delivery and administration of the service.

As a new build, why do I have to pay for containers when others can have replacements free of charge?

Existing properties already have a set of waste and recycling containers, where appropriate. We cannot levy a charge on these properties for the supply of containers in the past. The cost of supplying containers to new properties has increased due to the growth of housing development. Once a property has a set of containers, they will not be charged for replacements*. (*exceptions apply)

Can I bring my recycling containers from my previous premises rather than pay for new bins?

No, bins should remain at the property they were bought for. They will need to be used by future residents. Bins and recycling containers remain the property of the council, they are not yours to take with you.

Can I buy my own containers?

Yes, however all containers must meet the design specification provided by us. Containers must be compatible with the lifting equipment on our collection vehicles. This will prevent injury to staff and damage to our vehicles. If you buy your own containers these need to be approved by our Inspector before their use. We will not collect from containers that do not meet the standards prescribed.

Can I buy one container for all my recycling? Why do I have to buy 5 different containers?

Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, states that councils can 'require the occupier to place the waste for collection in receptacles of a kind and number specified'. We operate a 'kerbside-sort' collection service and need recycling to be sorted for collection. Your recycling needs to be collected from containers that can be easily emptied into our collection vehicles. 

What happens if I don’t pay for the bins and containers, will bags of mixed waste be collected?

No.  Bags of waste will not be collected as all waste should be presented in appropriate containers with recyclable waste presented separately. 

Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 provides powers to the Council to determine the way in which waste needs to be presented for collection and the types of containers to be used. 

Can I appeal or complain about the charge?

The charge for wheeled bins has been agreed as Council policy. If you wish to comment on this please follow our standard complaints procedure.