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Order a set of containers for a newly built property

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3. Terms and Conditions - if you choose to buy your own bins

If you choose not to buy bins through us, please be aware of the following conditions:

  1. Container specifications

    1. Containers must meet the design specification provided by us. They need to be compatible with the lifting equipment on our refuse and recycling collection vehicles. This prevents injury to staff and damage to the vehicles. It also enables us to carry out collections efficiently. 
    2. A full set of containers must be used/purchased. Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, states that councils can 'require the occupier to place their waste for collection in receptacles of a kind and number specified'. We operate a 'kerbside-sort' collection service and require recycling to be sorted for collection. All households are expected to participate fully in our recycling service. You need to present your recycling for collection in containers that can be emptied into our kerbside sort collection vehicles easily and efficiently.  
    3. Containers must be approved by our inspector before their use. We will not collect from containers that do not meet the design specification given and that have not been authorised for use. 
    4. Additional bins/capacity. As per 1.1. If you buy additional bins, these will not be emptied by the council. Additional bins are only supplied to those who need them and only at our discretion. You are permitted to have one 180 litre black wheeled bin for your non-recyclable waste.
  2. Replacements

    1. If you choose to buy your own containers, these are not the property of the council. As such, they will not be replaced by the council if they are lost or damaged.
    2. If your container is damaged during collection to the extent it is no longer usable, or falls into the back of the collection vehicle. It may be replaced free of charge. This excludes any damage caused by overfilling the container, placing inappropriate items in it, or reasonable wear and tear. Any replacements provided in these circumstances are at the council's discretion.
  3. Garden waste bins

    1. We will not empty any garden waste bins not supplied by the council. Garden waste bins are supplied free of charge to those who sign up to our garden waste collection service and remain in our ownership. 
  4. Failure to arrange for suitable waste containers

    1. If you decline to pay for the supply of TDC or TDC approved containers you may be served with a section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and/or other relevant legislation. The notice will require you to provide the necessary containers for your waste. 
    2. Failure to comply with this notice may lead to us issuing a fixed penalty notice and/or prosecution.
    3. Once a legal notice is served on a property, collection of incorrectly presented waste (not in a suitable wheeled bin or recycling container) may stop pending the supply of the necessary containers.