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Collection delays

Some waste and recycling rounds have been delayed due to weather and operational issues.

Please check if there is a disruption in your area

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Recycle your food waste

Did you know that nearly 30% of the waste thrown into black bins in Devon is food waste?

Recent analysis of the contents of black bins has shown that food waste is still being placed into black bins rather than food waste caddies.  

If you are not already using your food waste container, why not give it a try?

If you pledge to start recycling your food waste between now and the end of August you could win a juicer!

Why we recycle food waste:

1. It can be turned into something useful.

The food waste we collect is taken to a local Anaerobic Digestion plant where it is turned into electricity and a biofertiliser that can be used in farming. 

Six recycled tea bags could produce enough electricity to boil a kettle for another cup of tea! 

2. It's cheaper for us

There are collection and disposal costs for the council for all black bin waste generated. By recycling your food waste, you not only create something worthwhile but also help to keep these costs down!

3. It's less messy 

Food waste is collected weekly from your blue food waste caddy, whereas black bins are collected fortnightly. By using your food waste container, you can get rid of your food waste quicker. This means it's less likely to smell!

You can keep your food waste container clean by lining it with a plastic bag. This stops residue building up on the sides of your caddy. Any bags used are removed at the Anaerobic Digestion plant before your food waste is processed.

Our top tips for making food waste recycling easy:

1. Have a container to hand within your kitchen

Whether it's a kitchen caddy received from the council, old ice cream tub or something purchased from the high street. We recommend having something close at hand within your kitchen, near your sink or bin.

2. Line your kitchen caddy 

We recommend lining your kitchen caddy to keep it clean. You can use any bag to line your caddy including plastic bags. We would recommend reusing something you already have, such as an old bread bag, empty salad bag, frozen food bag or an old carrier bag. 

3. Transfer your food waste to your outdoor container

Once your kitchen caddy is full, tie up the bag and transfer your food waste to your outdoor food waste container.  

4. Lock your caddy and place it out on collection day

You can lock your caddy by placing the handle in the upright or forward position. This stops vermin from accessing your food waste container when it is out for collection.  

Find out what can be recycled in your food waste container and get started today!

You can order a food waste container if you don't have one. 

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Last updated 5 September 2023