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Recycling Banks

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1. Recycling bank use

There are many recycling sites throughout the district. The type and number of banks located at each site will vary depending on space restrictions.

To avoid disturbance to local residents, please use banks between 8am and 8pm


We have had increasing reports of litter and fly-tipping at our recycling bank sites.

  • please make sure all recycling is placed inside the banks, anything left outside makes it very difficult for our team to empty the banks and prevents other banks from being emptied

Our banks are emptied on a regular basis, however if you notice any particular issues please email

Other domestic waste

  • please do not leave any other waste at these sites as this creates hazards for our team when they are emptying the banks
  • DIY and other waste should be taken to your local recycling centre for disposal

Trade Waste

Recycling banks are for public use only, traders do not contribute towards the cost of the service.

If you spot any misuse of our recycling banks please inform our enforcement team.

Businesses have a responsibility to deal with their waste correctly and can face fines if they don’t, please see our commercial waste pages for information on dealing with your waste if you are a business. 

If traders use our recycling banks they significantly reduce the capacity available to the public