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Reduce and reuse your waste

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5. Reduce your food waste

Wasted good food and drink costs the average UK family almost £60 a month.

Here's five easy things we can all do to help waste less food and save money.

  1. Get your portions right

    Only cook the amount of food that you need.

  2. Check the date

    Find out about different date labels. Did you know, you can freeze food right up to 24 hours before the use by date?

  3. Plan your meals

    Check your cupboards, write a list, take it to the shops and stick to it.

  4. Store your food correctly

    To keep it fresh for longer store apples in the fridge, potatoes in a cool dark place, and bread in the cupboard or freezer.

  5. Last night’s leftovers

    Leftovers could be today’s feast. Visit the love food hate waste website for recipes and great ideas to use up any extra food.