Reduce and reuse your waste

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1. The Real Nappy scheme

Residents can borrow a real nappy trial kit from us containing a selection of modern reusable nappies and accessories for 4 weeks.

Each kit contains:

  • a selection of modern reusable nappies
  • reusable wipes
  • flushable disposable liners
  • nappy soak 
  • a full set of washing and care instructions and guidance

Devon real nappy project advisors

Volunteer advisors are available to assist and answer questions during your trial.


We ask for a £25 deposit, which is refunded when you return your kit.

Find out more

  • see the Devon real nappy project to find out more about the benefits of using real nappies and the types of nappy available
  • contact us to find out more and arrange to borrow a kit