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In the average UK household, nearly a third of clothes (worth over £1,000 per household, £30 billion in total) haven't been worn in the last year. 

Here are some helpful questions to ask and things to think about when buying and laundering your clothes.

Smart shopping

  • Do you need it?
  • Is it versatile?
  • Will it last?
  • Is it easy to care for?
  • Can I buy second-hand?


  • check your care labels
  • air dry where possible
  • only wash when necessary
  • remove stains


  • Can you repair your clothing?

Recycle Devon have some simple fixes you can do at home. alternatively you could visit a local repair café.


  • can you upcycle your clothing into something you will continue to wear?

Find inspiration on how to refashion clothing

Sell, swap, share or donate

  • pass on any clothing you know longer wear

Find out more about organising a clothes swap.


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Last updated 5 September 2023