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Collections following bank holidays

Collection days change following bank holidays. See late May bank holiday collections for information.

Due to delays on some rounds, collections may take place later than planned

Food waste

According to a recent study 1 in 3 people throw away one shopping bag of food each week.

The average UK family could save up to £720 a year by saving food from the bin! 

Here are some tips and habits that can help you reduce food waste:

Before you head to the shops: 

  • check what you have in the cupboard  
  • plan ahead - Love food hate waste have a portion planner
  • write a list of what you need 
  • take a photo of the inside of your cupboard or fridge to refer back to when you at the shops 

When you are at the shops 

  • refer to your list

When you get home 

  • store your food appropriately - check the packaging or use love food hate waste's A-Z of food storage 
  • freeze food that you will not be able to eat before its date 
  • check your fridge is set to the correct temperature

When your food is about to go out of date 

  • remember you can use your freezer to freeze food right up until the use by date 

When you cook too much 

  • freeze portions to eat on a later day 
  • look for recipes to use your leftovers a new way, love food hate waste have a selection of recipes 

For more ideas and information see:

Love food hate waste and Recycle Devon 




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Last updated 14 November 2022