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What happens to my waste?

Once collected from your home, your recycling is delivered to our bulking station in Newton Abbot.

Here all of the materials are prepared for transportation to reprocessors across the UK.

The income generated from the sale of the glass, plastics, cans, cardboard and paper helps towards the cost of the collection service.

The below information is subject to change.

Recycling items

Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans are sent to Merseyside to be shredded and melted before being made into new drinks cans!

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Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging is sent to various sites across the UK. It is sorted, shredded, washed, melted and made into pellets. It is then used by manufacturers that make items such as plastic bottles and garden furniture.

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Glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars are taken to Yorkshire. They are crushed and sorted into colours before being melted and blown into new bottles and jars.

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Paper is sent to Norfolk where it is pulped and dried onto large rolls and made into high quality newsprint.

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Steel cans

Steel cans are sent to Wiltshire where they are melted before being made into products such as bikes, car parts and new food cans!

See Aluminium cans above for a video of the can recycling process.


Cardboard is currently being sent to Kent or mainland Europe. It will be made into a pulp before making new boxes and packaging.

See Paper above for a video of the process involved in recycling paper and card.

Food waste

Food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion facility in Devon where it is converted into electricity and a fertiliser.  The plastic bags are filtered from the process and sent to an energy from waste facility.

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Garden waste

Garden waste is composted at a site in Devon. It is shredded and laid out in long piles to decompose in the open air.

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General waste

Anything you can't recycle or use which is placed in your black wheeled bin will go to an energy from waste plant in Devon. This is a facility where non-recyclable waste is burned, with the resulting steam powering a turbine, which generates electricity.


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Last updated 5 October 2023