Bulky waste collections

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5. Conditions of the bulky waste collection service

  1. We can only collect up to 6 items with any one booking, with the exception of garden sheds (which are classified as 8 items). If you have more than 6 items you will need to book more than one collection.
  2. All collections are up to our discretion and any items deemed unsafe will not be collected.

  3. Collections can only be made from domestic households.

  4. Collections cannot be made from allotments and small holdings.

  5. House and garden clearances cannot be undertaken.

  6. Each household will be charged separately, no joint collections from a street will be made.

  7. Items must be able to be lifted by two men with a sack truck.

  8. All items must be dismantled ready for collection if required.

  9. Washing machines, dishwashers and any other electrical appliances must be disconnected from plumbing prior to collection.

  10. Small amounts of garden waste can be taken, but must be bagged up and placed at the edge of the property. It will be charged per bag.

  11. Carpets are charged per roll or, if cut up charged per bag, and underlay is charged as a separate item.

  12. Garden sheds and green houses, no larger than 10 ft can be taken, but must be dismantled and will be charged as 8 items, i.e. four side panels, door, roof, floor and window glass.