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A-Z of waste and materials

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Published on 3 October 2023


Camping gas canisters

Camping gas canisters should be taken to your local recycling centre for disposal. 


Please dispose of used candles in your black general waste bin. Unused candles can be taken to a charity shop or you could try local community groups, or local craft and hobby groups.

Cans (for food and drink)

Cans can be recycled in your black recycling box. They can also be taken to a can recycling bank or your local recycling centre.

Car - batteries

Car batteries can be taken to your local recycling centre. Car batteries are classed as 'hazardous waste' so cannot be disposed of in your black general waste bin at home.

Car - tyres

Car Tyres can be taken to a recycling centre. However, car tyres are classed as chargeable waste and you will be charged per tyre. Commercial and agricultural vehicle tyres will not be accepted.


All cardboard can be recycled through your green recycling box, please fold or tear cardboard so that it fits inside your box. Large quantities are best taken to a recycling centre or recycling bank.


Carpets can be taken to your local recycling centre or collected as part of the bulky waste collection service which is an additional chargeable service where we collect large items of household waste from properties in the district for a fee. Carpets cannot be taken as part of your kerbside textile collection.

Carrier Bags - plastic

Some large supermarkets offer in store recycling banks for carrier bags. If your shopping is delivered to your home you can request that it is delivered without bags. Alternatively, you could reuse plastic carrier bags as bin liners for your black bin waste.


Cartons (Tetra pak's) can be recycled at carton recycling banks in the district.

Cartridges - from printers

Empty printer cartridges can be recycled in your green recycling box.

Cat faeces

You cannot take animal waste to recycling centres in Teignbridge.  We can collect this kind of waste with the normal domestic refuse providing this is of domestic quantity. Animal waste from carnivorous animals such as cats and dogs must be disposed of in your black general waste bin, please wrap all animal waste carefully so as not to cause any unnecessary health risk.

Central heating oil tanks

Waste oil and oil tanks are considered to be hazardous waste, whether oil from the home, cooking or engine. The tanks are from oil central heating systems in older houses. They will only usually need disposing of when the system is replaced with an alternative energy source such as gas. Recycling centres will accept central heating oil tanks.


We do not have the facility to empty cesspits. There are various private contractors offering this service.


Chemicals eg. weed killers, pesticides, white spirits, bleaches, old medicines and any other household chemicals must be taken to a recycling centre and they must be in a securely labelled container to be placed in the hazardous waste store. There is a limit of 5 litres.


Chipboard can be taken to a recycling centre.


If china is broken please wrap it carefully and place in your black general waste bin. If the china is still useable, you could try charity shops.

Christmas cards

Christmas cards that do not contain foil or glitter can be recycled from home using your green recycling box or taken to a recycling bank or recycling centre. Alternatively, some shops run a card recycling scheme.


Clothes and textiles can be put in a carrier bag, tied up and left next to your recycling boxes on your usual recycling day. Or alternatively taken to a clothing bank or local charity shop. 


Can be taken to local specialists or to a local repair cafe to be repaired.

Coffee pods

If your coffee pods are 100% plastic or 100% foil and clean they can be recycled in your black recycling box. Some manufacturers operate recycling services for their products. Podback also operate a variety of recycling schemes, including those for some coffee brands. If your pods are not recyclable they can be disposed of in your black bin with your general waste. Some brands have started to develop compostable options, if you have home composting facilities this may be a good option (please note we cannot accept anything other than food in your food caddy as food waste in Teignbridge is processed by an Anaerobic Digestor and not composted) 

Computer equipment

Can be taken to the recycling centre or computer/charity shop if still useable. Refurnish a local charity if the goods are still in working order. If your equipment is broken please visit your local repair cafe or specialist to see if it can be fixed. Electrical equipment that cannot be fixed, can be taken to a recycling centre or electrical store, recycling your electricals list drop off points on their website.

Contact lenses 

Some opticians have drop off points for contact lenses.

Crisp packets

Can be recycled through dedicated schemes.