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A-Z of waste and materials

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Published on 3 October 2023

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Garden waste

We collect garden waste fortnightly from those that have subscribed to the  garden waste collection service.

Your local recycling centre will also take garden waste. The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste is to compost it at home.

Gas bottles

Gas bottles should be returned to the retailer or supplier so that they can be reused. Do not place gas cylinders in your black general waste bin because they may explode if they are crushed. Your local recycling centre is able to take them, please ring to confirm.

Glass - flat

Flat glass can be taken to your nearest recycling centre. We cannot accept this as part of the box scheme due to the type of glass and for health and safety reasons.

Glass - other

Other glass can be taken to your local recycling centre. If you have a small amount of glass eg. from a broken bottle or drinking glass you can place this in your black general waste bin, but please wrap the glass so it does not pose a health and safety risk.

Glass bottles and jars

Can be recycled in your green recycling box. Glass bottles can also be taken to a recycling centre or a glass bottle recycling bank.


See spectacles


Please contact your local police station. Household waste recycling centres cannot accept waste of this type under any circumstances. It poses a risk to site staff and members of the public. Weapons should never be destroyed or disposed of by their owners. Every weapon needs to be accounted for and the police authority that issued the certificate must be informed as to what has happened to the weapon. Unwanted section 1 ammunition can be disposed of through another authorised firearm certificate holder, Registered Firearms Dealer, your target shooting club or surrendered at any police station.



Hardcore and rubble can be taken to your nearest recycling centre. These items are chargeable, for more information please contact Devon County Council who manage these sites.

Hay - including animal waste

Please place hay in your black wheeled bin. We cannot collect hay in garden waste bins as it is often used for animal hutches. Animal waste cannot be taken to recycling centres.

Hazardous waste

Examples of hazardous waste likely to come from a household are: car batteries, engine oil, garden chemicals, bleach or other strong cleaners/disinfectants, asbestos, gas bottles and solvents (including paint strippers/thinners). This list is not definitive, and if you have particular concerns about a type of waste you can contact the Environment Agency. All recycling centres will accept these items provided they are from households, except for asbestos (see A for Asbestos info).

Hoover dust

Please place vacuum dust in your black general waste bin for disposal.

Household chemicals

Chemicals, eg. weed killers, pesticides, white spirits, bleaches, old medicines and other household chemicals can be disposed of at your local recycling centre. Must be in a securely labelled container to be placed in the hazardous waste store. Limit 5 litres.