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A-Z of waste and materials

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Published on 3 October 2023



Paints, varnishes and wood stains can contain hazardous chemicals or solvents including heavy metals. Paint must not be poured down the drain. Local community groups, playgroups or charities will often welcome donations of useable paints. Many DIY shops will take back unwanted paint, call them to check. Unwanted paint can be taken to any recycling centre. Please firmly attach the lid to prevent leakage. Please make the site staff aware that you are leaving paint.


Pallets can be taken to your local recycling centre. Call 0345 155 1010 to confirm if you have a large quantity.


By using recycled paper and recycling waste paper you will help to protect our environment. You can recycle any white coloured paper, shredded paper, newspapers, white paper directories (including Yellow Pages), magazines, junk mail, and holiday brochures in your reusable sack for paper. Paper must be kept dry, so please fold the bag over if it is raining. Alternatively, paper can be taken to a recycling bank or your local recycling centre.

Paper cups

Paper cups can be recycled at carton and paper cup recycling banks.


Chemicals including weed killers, pesticides, white spirits, bleaches, old medicines and other household chemicals can be disposed of at your local recycling centre. These must be in a securely labelled container to be placed in the hazardous waste store. Limit 5 litres.


Photos cannot be recycled and need to be disposed of in your black general waste bin.

Pillows and duvets

These items cannot be recycled and need to be disposed of in your black general waste bin or the general waste area of your local recycling centre.

Plant pots

We are unable to take these in your black recycling box and these would need to be disposed of in your black general waste bin. Some garden centres and nurseries take back unwanted plant pots.


Plasterboard can be taken to your nearest recycling centre (excluding Ivybridge, Totnes or South Molton). Please call Devon County Council (who manage the sites) on 0345 155 1010 or visit their website.

Plastic carrier bags

Some large supermarkets offer in store recycling banks for carrier bags. If your shopping is delivered to your home you can request that it is delivered without bags. Plastic carrier bags can be used as bin liners for your black bin waste.

Plastic film/wrapping

Plastic film and wrapping is not recyclable and must be disposed of black general waste bin

Plastics - mixed

Plastic household packaging - tubs, pots, bottles and trays - can be collected from your black recycling box.

Other mixed plastics can be taken to one of the mixed recycling banks across the district. UPVC can be taken to the recycling centre in Newton Abbot.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles can be recycled in your black recycling box. Please wash, squash and replace lids. Plastic can also be taken to a recycling centre or plastic bank.

Plastic window

You can take plastic windows, with or without glass, to your nearest recycling centre. These items are chargeable.

Plastic door

You can take plastic doors and frames, with or without glass, to your nearest recycling centre. These items are chargeable.

Plastic pipes/guttering/facia

You can take up to 5 lengths/pieces (approximately 2 metres per length or part thereof) to your nearest recycling centre. These items are chargeable.

Polystyrene (expanded)

Polystyrene should be placed in your black general waste bin. If expanded polystyrene is part of the packaging of electrical appliances, you can ask at the time the appliance is delivered if the company can take back the packaging to be reused or recycled. There is no facility to recycle polystyrene at the moment.


Playgroups and schools may want postcards for play materials, and many charity shops sell them on.

Postcards can be recycled along with other cardboard in the green recycling box, or taken to your local cardboard recycling bank or recycling centre.

Printer cartridges

Printer cartridges can be recycled in your green recycling box, which is emptied weekly.