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What goes into my bins and boxes?

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8. Communal recycling bins

You will have separate bins for each recyclable material. Please refer to the stickers on the side of the bins and put your recycling in the correct bin. Communal recycling bins are emptied fortnightly. The collection vehicle will visit twice on collection day, as glass is collected separately and taken to a different location than your other recycling.

Please place your recycling in the bins loose.

Household plastic packaging

Yes please

  • plastic bottles (eg. drinks, detergent and shampoo bottles) 
  • plastic pots (eg. yogurt pots)
  • plastic tubs (eg. ice cream tubs and margarine tubs)
  • plastic trays (eg. ready meal trays, fruit trays and meat trays)

*Please wash, squash and loosely replace bottle tops

No thanks

  • plastic film
  • plastic wrapping
  • plastic bags
  • plastic toys
  • plastic plant pots


Yes please

  • thick and thin card
  • cardboard packaging         
  • cereal boxes
  • egg boxes
  • ready meal sleeves
  • brown paper wrapping or brown envelopes
  • toilet roll tubes

*If you have large cardboard boxes please flatten or tear them into smaller pieces so that they fit in the bin or take them to your nearest recycling bank or recycling centre.

No thanks

  • cartons
  • plastic (plastic can be recycled in your mixed plastic bin) 
  • white paper (white paper can be recycled in the paper bin)


Yes please

  • white paper
  • newspapers and magazines
  • directories and catalogues
  • junk mail
  • shredded paper
  • white window envelopes

No thanks

  • cardboard (please put your cardboard in your cardboard bin)

Food tins, drink cans and aerosols

Yes please

  • food cans
  • drinks cans
  • jar and can metal lids 
  • biscuit and sweet tins  
  • deodorant aerosols
  • household aerosols
  • tin foil   

*Don't forget to wash and squash.

No thanks

  • other metals
  • full aerosols
  • paint tins

Mixed glass bottles and jars

Yes please

  • glass bottles                       
  • glass jars
  • all coloured glass

*Please rinse all glass before recycling.

No thanks

  • broken glass
  • sheet glass
  • Pyrex 

Textiles and clothes

Please place your textiles in a carrier bag inside the bin.  We are unable to collect loose textiles from communal recycling bins.

Yes please

  • clothes
  • blankets and sheets
  • towels
  • curtains
  • paired shoes

No thanks

  • duvets
  • pillows

Food waste

Food waste is collected weekly from food waste containers.


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Last updated 21 June 2023