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Recycling Banks

There are 41 recycling sites throughout the District. The types and number of banks located at each site will vary depending on space restrictions.

See the links and downloads to find out where your nearest recycling bank site is located and what materials can be taken there.

New! Cardboard Banks will accept the following:

  • Thin cardboard boxes
  • Thick cardboard boxes

There are now 12 cardboard banks around the district. To find your nearest one, see .pdf icon Recycling Bank Sites [41kb]

Mixed Plastics banks will accept the following:

• Yogurt pots
• Margarine tubs
• Ready meal trays
• Plastic sandwich containers
• CD cases
• Plastic flower pots (clean)
• Plastic fruit containers (not polystyrene)
• Fizzy drinks bottles
• Milk bottles
• Shampoo bottles
• Detergent bottles
• Any other plastic bottle

**Please note that bottle tops can now be recycled.  Please place them back on your washed and squashed plastic bottles**

Glass banks will accept the following:

• Glass bottles
• Glass jars

Paper Banks will accept the following:

• Newspapers and magazines
• Directories
• Brochures
• White paper
• White envelopes

Can banks will accept the following:

• Food cans
• Drinks cans
• Empty aerosols
• Metal lids

Carton banks will accept the following:

• Any Tetra Pak carton
• Food cartons
• Drink cartons

When using the recycling banks, please remember the following:

Click here to Do It Online • Banks are checked on a regular basis, however they can sometimes overflow especially over the weekend. To report a full bank click on the Do it Online button or call 01626 215838 (this will be a very short call). Bottle and paper banks will be emptied within two days.
• To avoid causing any disturbance to local residents please use banks between 8am - 8pm.
• To reduce litter and improve the look of the sites, please do not leave any other rubbish at the site. Please use litter bins for bags and take boxes home.
• To ensure that all materials are recycled please place in the banks. Anything left outside the banks will not be recycled.
• Please place blue glass in the green section.

Thank you for your continued support!